Wage Earner Protection Program for an employee: Overview

1. Overview

The Wage Earner Protection Program (WEPP) provides for the payment of outstanding eligible wages to individuals whose employer is bankrupt, subject to a receivership, or other WEPP qualifying insolvency proceeding within the meaning of subsection 243(2) of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

Employees can receive a one-time payment of up to an amount equivalent to 7 times the maximum weekly insurable earnings under the Employment Insurance Act ($8,507.66 for 2024).

What to do if your employer's business closes and there is no trustee or receiver appointed

If there is no bankruptcy, receivership, or other WEPP qualifying insolvency proceeding, you are not eligible for the WEPP. However, you may ask for help under federal or provincial Labour Standards legislation. You will find contact information for provincial and territorial Labour Standards offices for your area.

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