About the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program

Information about the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP).

About the program

The Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program collects information on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from facilities across Canada. It is a mandatory program for those who meet the requirements. The program has collected data from facilities every year since 2004.

The information is collected under section 46 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

Facilities that meet the requirements in the notice published in the Canada Gazette are required to report their GHG emissions by June 1st.

The GHGRP helps assess Canada’s overall environmental performance in various ways:

  • it supports accurate tracking of GHG emissions
  • it contributes to policies and strategies related to climate change, industrial activities and energy use
  • it provides a consistent, more precise picture of the issue, and contributes to solutions

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Program requirements

Facilities that emit 10 000 tonnes (10 kilotonnes) or more of GHGs in carbon dioxide equivalent units per year are required to submit a report.

Additionally, facilities engaged in the following activities are required to provide additional data:

  • aluminium production
  • ammonia production
  • base metal production
  • cement production
  • electricity or heat-steam generation
  • ethanol production
  • hydrogen production (refineries or stand-alone)
  • iron and steel production
  • lime production
  • mining
  • nitric acid production
  • petroleum refining
  • pulp and paper production
  • CO2 capture, transport, injection and/or geological storage

These facilities must also apply a prescribed methodological framework to determine their GHG emissions.

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Publishing collected data

The GHGRP publishes an overview report each year to describe the most recent data collected. The public can also access total emissions of each greenhouse gas by facility. This data is available in various ways:

  • an online data search tool
  • data tables in Excel and CSV formats
  • an online interactive map

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Contact the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program team

Environment and Climate Change Canada
Pollutant Inventories and Reporting Division
Place Vincent Massey, 7th Floor
351 St. Joseph Boulevard
Gatineau QC  K1A 0H3

Telephone: 819-938-3258
Toll-free: 1-877-877-8375
Email: ges-ghg@ec.gc.ca

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