Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Offset Credit System

Canada’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Offset Credit System encourages municipalities, Indigenous communities, foresters, farmers and other project developers to undertake innovative projects that reduce GHGs compared to business-as-usual practices. Proponents of offset projects can generate federal offset credits if they register and implement projects meeting requirements in the Canadian Greenhouse Gas Offset Credit System Regulations and an applicable federal offset protocol.

Offset credits are tradeable units representing verified GHG reductions achieved by a project either by reducing GHG emissions or increasing GHG removals from the atmosphere. Each offset credit is equivalent to one tonne of carbon dioxide reduced or removed from the atmosphere. Federal offset credits can be sold and used for compliance by facilities covered in the federal Output-Based Pricing System or sold and used by others who are looking to meet voluntary climate targets or commitments.

Information on registered offset projects and federal offset credits is available on Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Offset Credit System Public Registry.


Environment and Climate Change Canada has published a discussion paper Facilitating Projects on Crown and Public Land in Canada's Greenhouse Gas Offset Credit System for a comment period. This paper requests input regarding considerations for federal offset projects on provincial Crown land and public land in the territories. The 120-day comment period ends November 12, 2024. Written comments on the paper can be sent to

Public webinars will be held on Tuesday September 10, 2024 to provide an overview of the paper and answer questions. Registration prior to the event is mandatory, through the following links:

Two guidance documents on the Landfill Methane Recovery and Destruction protocol are now available on the Federal offset protocol: Landfill methane recovery and destruction page.

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