Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Offset Credit System: Credit and Tracking System (CATS) and Public Registry

The Credit and Tracking System (CATS) is a shared platform used to administer Canada's GHG Offset Credit System, the Output-Based Pricing System, and the Clean Fuel Regulations.

Public Registry

A public view of CATS for Canada's GHG Offset Credit System is available on Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Offset Credit System Public Registry. The public registry provides a current listing of registered projects and offset credits and the ability to view and download key information.

Project Proponents

Project proponents must create and use a GHG Offset Credit System account to register offset projects, and manage their projects and offset credits all on one platform. Here is how:

Project Eligibility

Only projects meeting conditions of registration in the Canadian Greenhouse Gas Offset Credit System Regulations (the Regulations) and that are of a type for which a federal offset protocol has been included in the Compendium of Federal Offset Protocols may be eligible for registration.

Review requirements in the Regulations and the applicable federal offset protocol to assess whether your project meets conditions for registration. Click on the Regulations button and the Protocols button above for more information on the Regulations and federal offset protocols.

The Overview – Canadian Greenhouse Gas Offset Credit System Regulations under the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act outlines key requirements made under the Regulations.

Create an Account

If you would like to submit a project registration application for a project to be implemented using a federal offset protocol and you do not already have a GHG Offset Credit System Account, go to the Credit and Tracking System (CATS) and submit a request to open a GHG Offset Credit System Account. From the CATS home page choose “Open a Carbon Market Account in CATS”, then select “GHG Offset Credit System Account”. The account application must include a project registration application. Only the authorized official named to represent the project proponent may open an account to participate in Canada's GHG Offset Credit System.

Please refer to the CATS account opening user guide for step-by-step guidance on how to open an account and register your first project: Credit and Tracking System: GHG Offset Credit System Account Opening and First Project Registration User Guide.


The following documents must be completed and submitted for account opening requests and/or project registration. To receive copies of the templates applicable for your project type, please contact the GHG Offset Credit System Operations Office at Indicate the protocol that applies to your project, and whether you are seeking to submit an application to register a stand-alone project or an aggregation of projects:

If you already have a GHG Offset Credit System account, submit the project registration application document from within your account.

Track, Manage and Support

Your GHG Offset Credit System account will be used for project reporting, to register any additional projects, and to track federal offset credit issuance, transfers, retirement, suspensions, revocations, and cancellations. It will also track compliance obligations and remittance of compliance units, and any payments under Canada’s GHG Offset Credit System.

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