Cutback and emulsified asphalt: code of practice overview

The code of practice for the reduction of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from cutback and emulsified asphalt has been in effect since February 25, 2017.


This code of practice recommends best practices and VOC content limits during and outside the ozone season for cutback and emulsified asphalt. The objective of the code of practice is to reduce VOC emissions from the asphalt sector by at least 40 percent over a 6-year period from 2017 to 2023.

Target audience

If you are involved in manufacturing, importing, selling or using cutback asphalt or emulsified asphalt, you are encouraged to adopt the code of practice. This includes:

Adopting the code of practice

If the code of practice applies to your facility or operations, you are encouraged to:

Read the code of practice

Code of practice: reduction of VOC emissions from cutback and emulsified asphalt


If you manufacture cutback asphalt or emulsified asphalt, you are encouraged to submit a report every two years containing information about your activities relevant to the year prior to the report submission, including:

Reports should be submitted every two years by March 31 of those years, after the initial report was submitted in 2018.

Consult the following documents if you need help submitting your report:

You should submit your report by mail or email.

Performance results to date

We have published the second cutback and emulsified asphalt progress report, based on the 2019 activity data. A comparison with the results from the 2017 reporting year indicates that the liquefied asphalt sector in Canada is slowly making progress towards reducing VOC emissions from the use of liquefied asphalt. However, to achieve the code’s objective, there must be an increase in the use of lower emitting products, such as emulsified asphalt.

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