Base metals smelters and refineries and zinc plants: pollution prevention planning notice

 Note: This notice is no longer in force. All facilities that were subject to the notice have met the notice’s requirements.

This notice (PDF) and its amendment (PDF) applied to any owner or operator of a base metal smelter or refinery or zinc plant that was listed in the notice.

Performance results

Facilities implemented both pollution prevention and pollution control methods to achieve results. They took into consideration most of the factors to consider from the notice like the recommended practices of the code of practice, the development of a Community Air Quality Protection Program and the 2008 and 2015 air limit targets. In addition, the sector achieved its 90% target reduction of total releases for metals in reducing 93% of total releases for metals of arsenic, cadmium, lead, nickel and mercury from 1988 levels. For more information, see the final performance report.

Related information

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  • Guidance document for management of wastes from the base metals smelting sector (document available upon request)
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  • Base metals smelting sector strategic options report (document available upon request)

Past consultations

  • Proposed notice (PDF)
  • Response to comments on the proposed notice (document available upon request)

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