Synthetic rubber manufacturing sector: pollution prevention planning notice

This notice applies to any owner or operator of a facility in the synthetic rubber manufacturing sector who, at any time purchases, imports or uses greater than 100 kg of isoprene per year and is involved in the activities specified in the notice.

For more information, refer to the synthetic rubber manufacturing sector notice.

If you are uncertain whether you are subject to the notice, contact us for clarification or to obtain a notification of non-engagement form.


If you became subject to the notice after June 9, 2012, you must:

Time extension

Arlanxeo Canada Inc. (formerly Lanxess Inc.) was granted a time extension to implement their P2 plan. The deadline was extended to December 31, 2018.


You must complete and submit reports to the Government of Canada. Contact us to receive instructions.

Performance results

As of late 2019, one facility, Arlanxeo East, located in Sarnia, Ontario, was subject to the notice and implemented a P2 plan. In 2018, the facility’s emissions of isoprene to the environment were 3 862 kg, corresponding to a reduction of 78% relative to their 2009 baseline year and a partial achievement of the objective. For more information, see the performance report.

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