Canada's top 10 weather stories for 2014

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A year in review - 2014 weather stories

Temperature was a recurring theme in 2014, but unlike recent years, the top story was on the long, intense, bout of winter cold across the country.
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Top ten weather stories

1. Canada's Long Cold Winter

Canada’s reputation as the second coldest country was reaffirmed in winter 2013-14 with most of us shivering our way through a very long, cold winter.
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2. Summer Flooding in the Eastern Prairies

Water problems prevailed across the eastern Prairies just a week before summer began. Excessive rains on soggy ground − too much rain too fast over too many days - led to yet another year with huge flooding.

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3. Wildfires in the West and Northwest

Even with parts of Canada being, at times, soaked by heavy rains, the Northwest Territories and British Columbia made up for it all with exceptional warmth and dryness that brought sparks to infernos in no time flat.
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4. The Nightmare Before, During and After Christmas

The weekend before Christmas 2013 a vigorous winter storm coated parts of eastern Canada with a thick cocktail of snow, ice pellets, rain and freezing rain that plunged large parts of the region into days of cold and darkness.
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5. Summer - Hot on the Coasts, Cool in the Centre

After enduring one of the harshest winters in recent memory, Canadians figured Mother Nature owed them a break. For some, their prayers were answered but for others, it was yet another seasonal letdown.
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6. Hurricane Arthur and Others

The season’s first hurricane, Arthur, came relatively early for a significant hurricane, while Gonzalo, the last hurricane, marked an early end to the season. Both storms were the most punishing ones of 2014 in Atlantic Canada.
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7. Airdrie to Calgary Hailer

The Prairies were hit harder by hail than any other severe weather this past summer with the biggest wallop on August 8.
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8. Powerful December Storms on West and East Coasts

During the second week of December, millions of Canadians from the West Coast, Central Canada and the Maritimes were bombarded by intense pre-winter storms featuring strong winds, drenching rains, flooding and heavy snowfalls.
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9. Angus Tornado

An Enhanced Fujita Scale 2 tornado struck Angus, Ontario just before the dinner hour on June 17, with winds damaging up to 100 homes.
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10. “Snowtember” in Calgary

Snow in September is not rare in Calgary but even longtime Calgarians were shocked when - in the midst of a sunny 25°C afternoon - they learned the next day’s forecast called for freezing temperatures and upwards of 10 cm of snow.
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