1.3.5 Ways to reduce spending

How to curb unnecessary spending

Reduce temptation with these tips:


Just as it's important to reduce unnecessary spending, it's important not to deprive yourself of everything. Put aside a small amount of money every week for treats. Your treat may be a spa treatment, a weekend getaway or a special item you've had your eye on. If you've saved for these things, you can spend without guilt—and then you'll be less likely to splurge recklessly.

Seven easy ways to reduce your expenses

  1. Do it yourself. For example, wash your own car instead of taking it to a commercial car wash.
  2. Eat at home. Get some simple, tasty recipes you enjoy, and stock up the fridge.
  3. Shop smarter. Look for specials. But don't buy things just because they're on sale.
  4. Eliminate unnecessary bills. For example, if you have club memberships and you don't use them, consider getting rid of them.
  5. Use less energy. Turn lights off. Use less heat or air conditioning when you're sleeping or away from home.
  6. Walk, cycle or use public transit more.
  7. Find cheaper ways to play. Invite friends over for a video night instead of going to a cinema. Meet friends at a bowling alley instead of a restaurant. Have a vacation closer to home. Take advantage of free admission times at museums.

Make your money go further

Reducing unnecessary spending is one way to cut your expenses. There are also ways to get more out of the products and services you do buy. Here are some tips:

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