Benchmarking Study of Workplace Accommodations

In 2019, the Office of Public Service Accessibility at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat conducted a comprehensive benchmarking study of workplace accommodation practices in the federal public service. The objective of the Study was to raise awareness and document users’ experiences with the current workplace accommodation process while also identifying opportunities to improve accommodation practices and remove barriers to accessibility and inclusion.

This study comprised two government-wide online surveys conducted in May 2019 (Phase 1) and October 2019 (Phase 2) with federal public servants who requested an accommodation for themselves or for one of their employees in the past three years, with a focus on disability-related accommodations. In total, over 6,200 surveys were completed by public servants across Canada, including over 4,200 employee surveys and over 2,000 supervisor surveys.

The results of the Benchmarking Study were substantiated in 2020 through an in-depth literature review of similar accommodation-related studies in Canada and abroad, including several conducted by other federal and provincial governments and other sectors. Comparative analysis revealed strong parallels among the major themes, gaps and recommendations, which are summarized in the Validation of Key Findings report, available below.

The Study will inform change that will enhance the experience of employees with disabilities and equip them to contribute to their full potential. This is an important part of our work in supporting the implementation of the Accessibility Strategy for the Federal Public Service and is consistent with the principles of Public Service Renewal.

Phase 1 (May 2019) – Final Report

Phase 2 (October 2019) – Final Report

Validation of Key Findings (October 2020) - Final Report

In-depth literature review and comparative analysis of accommodation-related studies in Canada and abroad to substantiate the results of the 2019 Benchmarking Study

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