Why Build a Disability Management Program?

By engaging employees and improving overall communication, managers can also increase productivity and organizational well-being. The greatest benefits will occur when the climate within a department accepts disability management as an accepted way of doing business. Disability management is most successful when it promotes respect and cooperation among employees, unions and the employer. Designing and implementing a Disability Management Program makes good management sense.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

Promoting and integrating prevention leads to better workplace conditions and an enhanced ability to create and maintain a healthy, productive work environment. Specifically, it means:

  • Reduced absenteeism;
  • Reduced incidence and duration of illness and injury;
  • Reduced number of claims;
  • Reduced benefits costs; and
  • Reduced replacement training and overall costs.

Recruitment and Retention

Good accommodation plans and remain-at-work or return-to-work plans enable employees to safely and effectively remain at work. An active engagement strategy for employees who are ill or injured and who therefore return to work in a safe and timely manner means:

  • Improved recruitment, retention and competitiveness;
  • Shortened absences—employees who have access to required supports return to work more quickly; and
  • A better reputation as an employer of choice.Footnote 1

Promising Practices

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC)

HRSDC has established a National Disability Management Unit, comprising regional Disability Management Advisors who provide enterprise-wide services and a Centre of Expertise for Corporate Disability Management. This unit has:

  • Identified specific roles and responsibilities for Disability Management Advisors throughout the enterprise;
  • Invested in training and development for Disability Management Advisors on HRSDC's Disability Management and Return-to-Work Program; and

Established and launched a disability management single web presence to provide pertinent disability management information and guidance to employees and managers.

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