Transparency and data access strategy

As part of Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency Transformation Agenda we are becoming more transparent. We are working to build trust in regulatory decisions by increasing access to currently available information and data and improving how science is communicated.

The goals of transparency include:

Through engagement with stakeholders and partners since early 2022 in the context of our Transformation Agenda, we have learned:

In response, PMRA is taking the following interconnected actions:

Improving science communications

PMRA has established a science communication team. This unit of trained science communicators develops communication products that describe how science is conducted at PMRA and how it informs decision-making. They work to communicate decisions clearly with the right information for the audience.

To date, the science communication team's work can be seen in several places. For example:

There are plain language summaries and consultation notices for PMRA decisions.

In addition, the PMRA website now includes content on Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) created to explain this topic in a way that is relevant and easy for people in Canada to understand.

Key PMRA webpages, including the public registry, have been updated making it easier to find and request information.

Feedback on the communication style of the web content and pages is welcome at

Enhancing access and accessibility to processes and decisions

On April 1, 2023, PMRA began disclosing the names of those who have submitted regulatory applications in the public registry. The implementation of this approach is described in the consultation summary.

PMRA implemented a process to notify the public when there is a new application to set or change pesticide MRLs to permit imports. Notices will help people be aware of these types of upcoming consultations. These notices will be posted on the Decisions and updates page.

PMRA has also revamped its public registry, pesticides and pest management consultations, and decisions and updates web pages with improved design and accessibility to better meet the needs of stakeholders and partners. Users will be able to navigate pages and identify important information more easily. Feedback on the design and functionality of these pages is welcome at

Modernizing the management of science data

PMRA is testing a new, more convenient and accessible way for interested stakeholders, academia and members of the public to access confidential test data (CTD). Previously, people were required to enter a physical room in the national PMRA office to access CTD. PMRA is currently piloting the procurement of CTD on a secure USB drive which is mailed to the requestor. PMRA is also exploring other ways to streamline and improve the process of accessing CTD.

In June 2023, PMRA published a Notice of Intent on Strengthening the regulation of pest control products in Canada, which includes proposed amendments to the Pest Control Products Regulations to facilitate access to CTD, including for research and re-analysis purposes.

National Water Monitoring Program for Pesticides (NWMPP)

PMRA is collaborating with federal partners Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), on a two-year pilot water monitoring program. The main objective of the pilot program is to inform the development of a framework, which will provide guidance for pesticide monitoring programs, including a NWMPP.

This is an important step towards improving transparency as the program seeks to make the National Water Monitoring Program for Pesticides Data available through Open Data. By doing so, all stakeholders and the public will have access to information that supports consultation and engagement on pesticide regulatory decisions.

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