Cannabis fees order: Compliance and enforcement actions

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Who is this for

The information is for the following cannabis licences:

What licence holders must do

Pursuant to the Cannabis fees order, licence holders are required to:

Refer to the Cannabis fees order guide for information on the reporting and payment requirements.

Health Canada may take compliance action if:

Compliance and enforcement actions

If you don't submit your Statement of cannabis revenue or don't pay your fees on time, Health Canada will take compliance and enforcement actions. These can include:

Health Canada may also take compliance action on your other active licences or permits. Health Canada may recover outstanding fees using collection agencies or other legal means.

Compliance and enforcement policy contains a breakdown of compliance actions authorized under the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations.

To support licence holders in returning to compliance, Health Canada offers the alternative of an approved payment plan for up to 12 months if you can't pay your invoice (including interest) in full. To start the request for a payment plan, email

If you're approved and remain compliant with the payment plan, you'll remain in compliance with the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations, which will stop further actions from being sought.

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We encourage you to contact Health Canada if you have any questions.


This point-in-time update is intended to support compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements set out in the Cannabis Act, Cannabis Regulations and the Cannabis Fees Order. It is not intended to provide legal advice regarding their interpretation or application. The reader is encouraged to consult the Cannabis Act and applicable regulations carefully and in their entirety. In the event of any discrepancy between the legislation and this document, the legislation shall prevail.

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