Special Review Decision SRD2021-07, Special Review Decision: Iprodione and Its Associated End-use Products

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Special review decision

Pursuant to subsection 17(2) of the Pest Control Products Act, Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) initiated a special review of iprodione based on the decision taken by the European Commission to prohibit the use of iprodione due to human health and environmental concerns in 2017.

Health Canada evaluated the aspects of concern in accordance with subsection 18(4) of the Pest Control Products Act. The proposed special review decision was published for consultationFootnote 1 in the Proposed Special Review Decision PSRD2021-01, Special Review for Iprodione and Its Associated End-use Products. One comment from the Forest Nursery Association of British Columbia was received during the consultation period in support of the proposed special review decision.

Iprodione is a contact fungicide registered for commercial uses in Canada. Re-evaluation of iprodione was completed in 2018 (Re-evaluation Decision RVD2018-16, Iprodione and Its Associated End-use Products), and continued registration is granted with additional risk mitigation measures. Currently registered products containing iprodione are listed in Appendix I.

Following an evaluation of the aspects of concern, Health Canada has determined that continued registration of products containing iprodione is considered to be acceptable under current conditions of use. Therefore, Health Canada, under the authority of the Pest Control Products Act, is confirming the current registration of pest control products containing iprodione in Canada. No additional risk reduction measures are required.

All pest control products containing iprodione that are registered in Canada are subject to this special review decision. This document presents the final regulatory decisionFootnote 2 for the special review of iprodione. The complete reference list of all information used in this final special review decision was set out in PSRD2021-01.

Other information

Any person may file a notice of objectionFootnote 3 regarding this decision on iprodione within 60 days from the date of publication of this special review decision. For more information regarding the basis for objecting (which must be based on scientific grounds), please refer to the Pesticides section of the Canada.ca website (Request a Reconsideration of Decision) or contact the PMRA's Pest Management Information Service.

Appendix I Registered products containing iprodione in Canada

Table 1 Registered products containing iprodione as of 28 June 2021Table 1 Footnote 1
Registration number Marketing class Registrant Product name Guarantee
20267 Technical FMC Corporation Iprodione Technical 98.6%
29379 Technical

Adama Agricultural Solutions Canada Ltd.

Quali-Pro Iprodione Technical 99%
31892 Technical

Bayer CropScience Inc.

BES Iprodione Technical 98.6%
32489 Technical

Sharda Cropchem Limited

Sharda Iprodione Technical Fungicide 98.3%
15213 Commercial

FMC Corporation

Rovral Fungicide Wettable Powder 50%
24709 Commercial

FMC Corporation

Rovral WDG Fungicide Water Dispersable Granule 500 g/kg

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