Cover Letter - Policy on Counterfeit Health Products (POL-0048)

Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate
Graham Spry Building, 3rd Floor
250 Lanark Avenue
Address Locator 2003D
OTTAWA, Ontario
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May 14, 2010


To: All Interested Parties

I am pleased to inform you that Health Canada has finalized the guidance document entitled "Policy on Counterfeit Health Products", which is now available on Health Canada's Compliance and Enforcement website under "What's New".

This document outlines the guiding principles of Health Canada's Decision-Making Framework for Identifying, Assessing, and Managing Health Risks to address the issue of counterfeit health products. These principles will mitigate the health and safety risks posed by counterfeit health products to further promote the safety, quality, and efficacy of all health products in the Canadian supply chain.

The primary objective of the response strategy is to manage the risk to Canadians and to have the counterfeit product removed from market using the most appropriate level of intervention and notifying parties at risk.

Inquiries about this policy can be submitted in writing by mail to the Director of the Policy and Strategic Planning Division.

Yours truly,

Original signed by

Diana Dowthwaite

Director General

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