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The Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate (Inspectorate) is responsible for activities concerning compliance and enforcement of the Food and Drugs Act (with the exception of products regulated as foods which are the responsibility of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)). This act and its associated regulations set standards for quality, health and safety, conditions for sale and the prevention of fraud for human and veterinary drugs, medical devices, natural health products and biological and related biotechnology products. Enforcement and compliance activities include the delivery of inspections, investigations, most establishment licensing and related laboratory analysis functions.

The Inspectorate's decision-making process is guided by the level of risk to the health of Canadians and will follow the risk management decision-making principles outlined in the Health Canada Decision-Making Framework document. Compliance and enforcement activities is directed at the earliest point of distribution to achieve the greatest impact and efficiency. Whether a compliance issue is identified through a trade or consumer complaint or other source, the priority given will be based on the level of risk.

Where non-compliance is brought to the attention of a regulated party by the Inspectorate, it is the regulated party's responsibility to take timely and appropriate action to comply with legislative and regulatory requirements. The Inspectorate evaluates instances of non-compliance to determine the most appropriate action(s) to be taken.

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