Importing and exporting health products for commercial use (GUI-0117): Summary

From: Regulatory Operations and Enforcement Branch (ROEB)


The information in this guidance document will help to ensure that the health products you bring into Canada for commercial use meet the regulatory requirements of the Food and Drugs Act and its associated Regulations at the time of import. The guidance also provides information about exporting health products from Canada for commercial use.

Who this guide is for

This guidance document applies to any person, including an individual or an organization, that imports or exports health products for commercial purposes such as:

  • retailers, distributors or other commercial establishments that sell, manufacture, package, label and test health products
  • independent sales contractors or direct sellers
  • health care professionals or investigators of clinical trials; or
  • individuals importing quantities that are not for personal use (as explained in GUI-0116 Bringing health products into Canada for personal use) based on the directions for use or reasonable intake.

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Published: December 21, 2020

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