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MedEffect Canada uses a variety of mechanisms to share information and to help you stay informed about advisories and recalls that are issued by Health Canada, as well as by Industry, for health products, such as pain relievers, cold medicines, prescription drugs, medical devices, vaccines and natural health products.

Having access to the latest safety information helps consumers and health professionals to make informed decisions about the safe use of health products.  

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Subscribe to MedEffect Canada RSS Feeds to be informed of new or updated information posted online from MedEffect Canada. Information you can receive includes, advisories and recalls; the Health Product InfoWatch; and MedEffect Canada Web site content updates.

MedEffect e-Notice

MedEffect e-Notice is a free service that sends health product alerts right to your e-mail inbox. Advisories and recalls are an important source of information regarding the post-market safety and effectiveness of health products.

As part of your MedEffect e-Notice subscription, you will also receive the Health Product InfoWatch, Health Canada's monthly publication intended primarily for healthcare professionals, and which provides clinically relevant safety information on pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices and natural health products.

For more information, contact the Health Product InfoWatch Editorial Team.

This tool is provided as an information dissemination service only. Health Canada will not assume responsibility for any system failures or omissions of notifications.

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