Consultation on the Pause-the-Clock Proposal for Drug and Medical Device Establishment Licence Applications

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Notice to the reader:

The online consultation is now closed.

Who this document is for

We are seeking the views of:

  • people who work with drugs as:
    • fabricators
    • packagers
    • labelers
    • testers
    • distributors
    • importers
    • wholesalers
  • people who work with medical devices as:
    • Class I manufacturers
    • Importers
    • Distributors
  • Others who are interested


We are interested in stakeholder feedback on the following questions:

  • What are your thoughts on the proposed triggers listed? Please provide specific feedback on the proposed triggers.
  • Can you think of a situation in the application process beyond those mentioned within our proposal where a trigger could be used?
  • When would it be valuable from industry's point of view to be able to pause the clock? Please describe under what circumstances this would occur.
  • Is the proposed maximum 20 business day (1 month) of paused clock before rejecting an application reasonable? Would you suggest a shorter or longer timeframe? Please describe situations where more or less time would be more appropriate.


Feedback on the public consultation on the proposal will be collected between October 31, 2018 and November 30, 2018.

How to participate

  1. Read our Proposal: Pause-the-Clock Proposal for Drug and Medical Device Establishment Licence Applications
  2. Consider the four questions highlighted above.
  3. Provide your comments related to Drug Establishment Licences by email to and your comments related to Medical Devices Establishment Licences by email to Please use the subject line "Pause-the-clock feedback".

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