Cannabis research and data

Survey, market data, statistics hub

Services and information

Canadian cannabis survey

Opinions, perceptions, use data, impairment data.

Cannabis market data

Data on medical and non-medical, cannabis type, inventory category, federal licence holders, provincial distributors.

Data on cannabis for medical purposes

Client registrations, amounts by application, amounts sold under federal licence, imports and exports.

Research on cannabis

Research on impacts, benefits, harms, side-effects of cannabis use in Canada.

Funding and grants for cannabis studies

Funding opportunities, grants, research studies, Substance Use and Addictions Program.

Inspection data

Monitoring licenced producers, assessments, compliance and enforcement, inspection risk-rating system.

Data on commercial cannabis applications and licences

Quarterly snapshot of licence applications submitted and issued and revoked licences.

Statistics, Reports and Fact Sheets on Hemp

Statistical summaries related to industrial hemp in Canada

Cannabis statistics hub

Cannabis use, offences, drug impaired driving, spending, consumer price.

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