ARCHIVED - Regulatory Modernization for Food and Nutrition

In October 2006, Health Canada's Health Products and Food Branch (HPFB) released its Blueprint for Renewal plan, a major initiative aimed at modernizing Canada's regulatory system for health products and food. The Blueprint presented the vision and objectives for the renewal of our regulatory system, as well as proposed actions for moving forward. Blueprint II offers a more comprehensive articulation of our action plan and how we will concretely move forward to design a regulatory system that will further protect the health and safety of Canadians.

Objective 4 of the Blueprint is: Moving to a modernized regulatory approach for food safety and nutrition.

Towards a Regulatory Modernization Strategy for Food and Nutrition - A Discussion Document provides a basis for discussion between Health Canada, regulatees, and Canadians about Health Canada's efforts to modernize its food regulatory system. It is intended to lead to the completion of a Regulatory Modernization Strategy for Food and Nutrition, which will provide strategic direction for Health Canada planning and program activities, and will be consistent with the principles, priorities, and relevant objectives of the Blueprint for Renewal II.

An on-line consultation was held between May 7th and June 29th, 2007 to solicit comments on the proposed goals and objectives included in the document. A consultation report of the comments and suggestions received during the consultation has been published. These comments and suggestions have helped to transform the discussion document into a revised Strategy which has also been published.

Moving Forward

The Strategy, the Action Plan, and the stakeholders' comments are essential elements of the Food Directorate Strategic Plan 2009/2014. The Strategic Plan will articulate a broader vision and change agenda for the Directorate over the next five years and is targeted for publication in Spring 2009.

Related Initiatives:

Draft Guidance Document - Management of Pre-Market Submissions, which provides information on the proposed activities and timelines related to the management of pre-market submissions. It is the result of the Food Directorate's effort to optimize its processes in a continuing effort to provide timely access for Canadians to safe and nutritious foods.

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