A Guide for Preparing Food Processing Aid Submissions

Issue Date: July 2015

Bureau of Chemical Safety
Food Directorate
Health Products and Food Branch

The purpose of this Guide is to assist industry with preparing food processing aid submissions. Prior to using this document, the reader should become familiar with the Food Directorate's Policy for Differentiating Food Additives and Processing Aids.

A food processing aid submission is an information package that a petitioner files with Health Canada's Food Directorate, either directly or through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), when requesting a "letter of no objection" (LONO) from Health Canada for a food processing aid. A submission must demonstrate that the substance in question meets the Directorate's administrative definition of a food processing aid and that use of the substance will not result in an unsafe food. If there are efficacy claims associated with the sale, marketing, or use of the substance, the submission may also need to show that the substance will be efficacious when used as proposed.

This Guide describes in general the information to include in a submission. Specific data or other information requirements may vary case-by-case.

Guidance Document

To obtain an electronic copy of the document, A Guide for Preparing Food Processing Aid Submissions, please send an e-mail to publications@hc-sc.gc.ca with the subject heading "HPFB BCS Guidance PA Submission Guide-eng" or contact our publications office.

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