Food and nutrition legislation, guidelines and policies: Guidelines

Guidelines explain to stakeholders what is required to meet the Food and Drugs Act and Food and Drug Regulations. They provide guidance on how the department:

  • interprets the act, the regulations and related policies
  • intends to apply them

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Latest developments on food and nutrition related to COVID-19.

Flavoured purified alcohol

Food additives

Food irradiation

Food labelling

Food packaging

Food processing aids

Health claims

Incidental additives

Infant foods and human milk fortifiers

Microbiological safety of foods

Novel fibre sources

Novel foods

National model regulations, codes and guidelines developed by the federal, provincial and territorial food committees

Health Canada has contributed to the development of several national model regulations, codes and guidelines for use by governments and industry through its participation on federal, provincial and territorial food committees. Since food safety is a shared responsibility among federal, provincial, territorial and municipal governments, the purpose of these documents is to promote harmonization of food safety approaches used across Canada.

Pre-market submission process for food additives, infant formulas and novel foods


Supplemented foods

Temporary marketing authorization (TMA) for foods

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