National Strategy for the Control of Poultry-Related Human Salmonella Enteritidis Illness in Canada

Bureau of Microbial Hazards
Food Directorate
Health Products and Food Branch

Issue Date: March 2015


This document recommends initiatives that can be taken to address gaps in the poultry (chicken and turkey) and egg sectors that impact the control of foodborne Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) in Canada, with the end goal being reduction of human illness due to SE from poultry sources. It represents the deliverable for the joint industry-government Salmonella Enteritidis Working Group.  The working group was established as a result of the findings of outbreak investigations and targeted studies that implicated chicken and eggs as the source of infection in an increasing incidence of SE in human clinical specimens between 2005 and 2010.  SE has continued to be an important public health issue.

Towards the control of poultry-related human SE illness in Canada, five strategic priorities were identified including monitoring and surveillance of SE in poultry and poultry products; integrating data from the monitoring and surveillance of SE in live poultry, food and human illness; on-farm and industry control strategies; regulatory/policy actions to improve control of SE in the poultry sectors; and food safety education.  Nine research needs that could contribute to SE prevention and reduction in the poultry industry have also been identified.

It should be noted that industry and government continue to make progress on the control of SE, as well as other pathogens, outside of this working group.  It is recognized that multiple interventions, controls, and programs constituting a farm-to-fork approach will be critical for the control of poultry-related SE illness in Canada.

Two primary challenges or considerations to the implementation of these objectives include a high degree of impact resulting from a response to SE in some poultry sectors, as well as the necessary resources and cost of implementation.

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