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Project Title Organization / Contractor Project Objectives
Summit on Standards on Arthritis Prevention and Care Alliance for the Canadian Arthritis Program The summit (November 2005) was organized to involve all stakeholders in setting evidence-based national health system standards for arthritis prevention and care. 
Wait Times Guarantees Meeting (Hips and Knees) Bone and Joint Canada A national meeting of orthopaedic surgeons, government representatives and health sector organizations was held in April 2007 to formulate a national strategy to address hip and knee replacement surgery wait lists.
Strategy to Address Hip and Knee Surgery Wait Times Bone and Joint Canada The project studied key features of various models of orthopaedic care across the country and determined key aspects of a successful wait times model for hip and knee surgery.
Manitoba Demonstration Project in Physician Demand-Side Control for Diagnostic Imaging Canadian Association of Radiologists Conducted at the Children's Hospital of Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre, the project aimed to help referring physicians in choosing the most appropriate diagnostic tests for paediatric patients.
Demand-Side Control in Diagnostic Imaging in a Primary Care Setting Canadian Association of Radiologists The project, which took place in Steinbach, Manitoba, tested a multi-faceted approach aimed at improving efficiencies and reducing costs and wait times for diagnostic imaging in a primary care setting.
Invitational Workshop on Access to Care Research Synthesis Canadian Institutes of Health Research Institute of Health Services and Policy Research The workshop (January 2008) was organized to create a forum for interaction, exchange and mutual learning between researchers and decision makers in order to facilitate the sharing and use of information in the area of access to care. 
CIHR Emerging Team in the area of Strategic Management for Timely Treatment Canadian Institutes of Health Research The project, which will continue to 2013 with CIHR funding, is intended to improve access to joint replacement surgeries by developing tools and procedures that will allow for better management of the supply of surgeries.  The project is also intended to improve the management of demand for joint replacements by better understanding patient expectations.
Wait Time Management Training Module Canadian Medical Association The project developed a wait time training module intended to provide health professionals with strategies to address the systemic challenge of wait times.
Emergency Department Standards Development and Accreditation Program Accreditation Canada The project developed national Emergency Health Services standards related to wait times management and measurement for acute care emergency departments and incorporated them into Accreditation Canada's broader accreditation program.
Access to Health Care and Services: Developing Priorities for First Nations, Inuit and Métis First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Health Canada* Jointly co-hosted by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Health Canada, this workshop (February 2007) was held to gain a better understanding of issues related to wait times for First Nations, Inuit and Métis and seek direction on priority areas for wait times research specific to Aboriginal people. 
Health Care Guarantees in Europe and Australasia: Lessons for Canada John McGurran A review of international policies and programs on wait times guarantees or benchmarks in six countries was undertaken to identify information useful in the development of patient wait times guarantees in Canada.
25th Edition of the Jean-Yves Rivard Conference Département d'administration de la santé de l'Université de Montréal (DASUM) This symposium was undertaken at the suggestion of the Quebec Minister of Health and Social Services, who wanted the theme of appropriateness of care to be explored in conjunction with the ongoing discussions on the evolution of the Quebec health care system and the issue of guaranteed access to care.
Invitational Exploratory Roundtable, Patient Waits in Emergency Departments: Mental Health Mood Disorders Society of Canada This roundtable (January 2008) addressed potential approaches to improving waits in emergency departments for mental health patients. 
Patient Wait Time Guarantees - Mental Health Mood Disorders Society of Canada Exploratory research was commissioned to provide expert advice on key issues and challenges in accessing timely care for patients with mental illness in Canada. 
Children Wait Too: National Paediatric Surgical Wait Times Strategy Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres The project supported a National Consensus Workshop (February 2006), the outcome of which was the National Paediatric Surgical Wait Times Strategy.  The Strategy established national access targets for paediatric surgical subspecialties. 
National Paediatric Surgical Wait Time Pilot Project: Addressing Surgical Wait Times for Canada's Children and Youth The Hospital for Sick Children This national project measured wait times for children and youth in need of surgery, with the aim of improving access and certainty of timely care for paediatric surgery.  The project included the development and implementation of a pan-Canadian database for the collection of wait time information and a clinical guideline pathway for timely access to cancer surgery.
Patient Navigation within the Health Care Sector: Scan of Recent Literature and Key Websites JHG Consulting A scan of recent literature and key websites was undertaken to develop an understanding of patient navigation within the environment of health care reform, and to identify related trends and issues. 
Final Report of the Federal Advisor on Wait Times Health Canada* The report highlights the findings and recommendations made by former federal wait times advisor, Dr. Brian Postl, to achieve timely access to health care services.
Impact of Primary Health Care and/or its Renewal on the Acute Care Sector - Reviewing the Literature and Assessing the Canadian Experience Raisa Deber et al. A literature review was undertaken to examine to what extent the primary health care sector can be expected to manage and alleviate the need for expensive services (particularly hospitalization), and assist in managing wait times. 
Saint Elizabeth Health Care Wait Time Guarantee Pilot: For the Prevention, Treatment and Care of Diabetic Foot Ulcers in Manitoba First Nations Communities Saint Elizabeth Health Care The project aimed to develop and test wait time guarantees for the prevention, care and treatment of foot ulcers for Manitoba First Nation people living with diabetes, to reduce the significant impact of foot ulcers and the incidence of amputations. 
Conference on Timely Access to Health Care Health Canada* Co-hosted by the federal and Saskatchewan Ministers of Health, this conference (February 2007) showcased provincial successes and innovations with respect to improving timely access and reducing wait times. 
Taming of the Queue III: Wait Time Measurement, Monitoring and Management: Where the Rubber Meets the Road Canadian Medical Association The third annual conference in the Taming of the Queue series (March 2006) had two major objectives: 1) to take stock of current activities and lessons learned in wait time management strategies; and 2) to examine key issues that have the potential to transform how access to health services is managed. 
Taming of the Queue IV: New Frontiers of Wait Time Measurement, Monitoring and Management Canadian Medical Association The fourth conference in the Taming of the Queue series (April 2007) focused on international experience with wait list management and care guarantees, including inter-jurisdictional patient mobility.  The conference also examined recent Canadian experience in reducing wait times and looked at moving beyond the five priority areas for action identified by governments.   
Taming of the Queue V: In Search of Excellence
Canadian Medical Association The fifth conference in the Taming of the Queue series (April 2008) was intended to: take stock of progress in reducing wait times; search for excellence and examine the factors affecting progress; and, develop a better understanding of issues outside the five priority areas and in other parts of the continuum of care, including mental health and emergency. 
Taming of the Queue VI: Improving Patient Flow Canadian Medical Association The sixth conference in the Taming of the Queue series (March 2009) centered on sharing best practices and exchanging ideas about wait times management with a focus on patient flow through the health system.
Western Canada Waiting List Project Extension Funding Western Canada Waiting List Project (Calgary Health Region) The project involved the implementation and evaluation of prioritization tools, the adaptation of tools for use in primary care settings, and the development of evidence and needs-based waiting time benchmarks for select procedures. 
It's About Time! Achieving Benchmarks and Best Practices in Wait Time Management Wait Time Alliance for Timely Access to Health Care The project focused on recent benchmarking efforts in Canada, the feedback it received on a previously published Wait Time Alliance interim report on benchmarks, implementation issues, strategies to improve timely access to care and final recommendations.
The Role of Patient Choice in Waiting Times and Access to Health Care Tom Noseworthy A review of international research and perspectives on patient choice was undertaken to gain an understanding of patient choice programs and examine the role of patient choice in improving access to health care, with a view to analysing whether aspects of patient choice systems could be incorporated in efforts to address wait times.
International Approaches to Addressing Wait Times
Across the Spectrum of Care: An Exploratory Review
John McGurran This research paper examined how access issues have been conceptualized in other countries, what wait times drivers have been identified and what measures have been implemented across the spectrum of care in specified Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries countries.
Operational Research in Health Care John T. Blake This research paper provided background and a description of operational research and its applicability to health care system decision making, with an emphasis on how it has and can be applied to wait times management and reduction. 
International Review of Citizen Litigation under Wait Time Guarantee Systems Tom Archibald A review was undertaken to examine the nature, frequency and results of citizen wait time guarantee litigation in countries that have adopted wait time guarantees. 
Canadian Paediatric Surgical Wait Times Project - Stage II 'Addressing Surgical Wait Times for Canada's Children and Youth' The Hospital for Sick Children Building on the work of the National Paediatric Surgical Wait Time Pilot Project, which collected and analyzed standardised wait times data using common access targets in six paediatric surgical areas, the project expanded data collection to cover all surgical subspecialties and undertook research to explore other broad wait times management factors affecting paediatric surgical wait times.  
Hip and Knee Surgery Wait Times Strategy - Phase III Bone and Joint Canada The project developed a toolkit that provides a roadmap for the development and implementation of a Core Model for the Hip & Knee Surgery Wait Times Strategy envisioned by Bone and Joint Canada. 

* In these cases, Health Canada was not the recipient of project funds, but provided funding directly (as the co-host of a workshop or conference, and in support of the work of the Federal Advisor on Wait Times).

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