Drug Prevention and Treatment

The use of substances is associated with negative social, public safety and economic consequences for all Canadians. Part of Health Canada's role is to increase awareness among youth of the dangers of experimenting with illicit drugs, and to assist parents in keeping their kids drug-free.

Health Canada also collaborates with provincial and territorial governments through the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Committee on Substance Use and Abuse. The purpose of this Committee is to advise the federal government on problematic substance use matters of national scope and to act as a Liaison Committee to the Pan-Canadian Public Health Network.

What Information is Available?

Information on Drug Prevention

 The Drug Prevention for Parents section on the  National Anti-Drug Strategy Web site equips parents with the tools and information that will help them to initiate open, informed discussions with their children regarding drug abuse and making healthy life choices.

The  Anti-Drug Strategy Initiatives program provides funding for a wide range of community-based initiatives that will contribute to reducing illicit drug use among youth through health promotion and prevention projects.

Information on Drug Treatment

The  Drug Treatment Funding Program is a collaboration through the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Committee on Substance Use and Abuse which addresses substance use treatment service and systems' issues.


The Federal-Provincial-Territorial (FPT) Liaison Committee on Problematic Substance Use is designed to share information, enhance capacity and provide advice at the national level to address problematic substance use issues. This committee is co-chaired by provincial and territorial health government representatives and Health Canada.

The National Drug Prevention Advisory Committee (NDPAC) provides guidance for the development, implementation and evaluation of the national youth drug prevention mass media campaign led by Health Canada.

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