Tobacco Control Directorate

Who we are

The Tobacco Control Directorate (TCD) is part of the Controlled Substances and Cannabis Branch of Health Canada. TCD supports the Branch by leading Canada's Tobacco Strategy (CTS). CTS is a comprehensive strategy to significantly reduce rates of tobacco-related death and disease in Canada.

As the lead for CTS, the Directorate works to implement the strategy with its federal partners, provinces and territories, the health community, and other stakeholders.

What we do

Administer and enforce the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act, which regulates the manufacture, sale, labelling and promotion of tobacco and vaping products.

Deliver scientific research to support policy and regulatory initiatives, promote innovation through grants and contributions and conduct surveillance, in support of the CTS.

Our work aims to:

  • inform Canadians about the health risks associated with the use of tobacco and vaping products
  • protect Canadians from inducements to use tobacco products as well as youth and people who do not use tobacco from inducements to use vaping products
  • help Canadians quit using tobacco or reduce the harms of their addiction to nicotine
  • strengthen the science, surveillance and partnerships required for effective tobacco control
  • contribute to global efforts to address tobacco-related death and disease

The following Canadian federal legislation and international convention govern TCD's mandate:

How we do it

TCD's organizational structure includes the following functional units:

Director General's Office

The Director General's Office (DGO) oversees and manages the work of the Directorate. The Director General also:

  • chairs the federal committee on Canada's Tobacco Strategy
  • co-chairs the Federal, Provincial and Territorial Tobacco Control Liaison Committee
  • serves as Secretary to the Scientific Advisory Board on Vaping Products

Office of Research and Surveillance

The Office of Research and Surveillance (ORS) provides the foundational evidence supporting the Directorate's policy and regulatory initiatives. The ORS:

  • leads national surveillance for tobacco and vaping product use and trends
  • conducts research to understand Canadians' views and motives related to nicotine product use
  • performs business intelligence activities to understand the tobacco and vaping markets

In addition, it hosts Health Canada's vaping products laboratory, which tests the chemical and toxicological properties of vaping products.

Office of Policy and Strategic Planning

The Office of Policy and Strategic Planning (OPSP) develops policies, strategies, frameworks and legislation related to tobacco and vaping products. The OPSP:

  • develops and distributes public education and stakeholder engagement resources
  • coordinates and manages domestic and international stakeholder relations
  • collaborates with provincial and territorial governments to implement pan-Canadian tobacco control programs
  • provides input on global tobacco-related issues
  • serves as Canada's focal point for the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

Tobacco Products Regulatory Office

The Tobacco Products Regulatory Office (TPRO) develops regulations under the authority of the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act (TVPA). Regulatory projects under the TVPA are listed in the Department's Forward Regulatory Plan. TPRO is also responsible for the review of tobacco industry reports submitted pursuant to the Tobacco Reporting Regulations and works with the Regulatory Operations and Enforcement Branch (ROEB) in coordinating enforcement activities when non-compliance with the Regulations is observed.

Office of Compliance for Tobacco and Vaping Products and Systems Configurations

The Office of Compliance for Tobacco and Vaping Products and Systems Configurations (OCSC) works with ROEB to coordinate the administration and enforcement of the TVPA. OCSC also manages the information technology systems required for the planning, tracking and reporting of compliance and enforcement activities.

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