Everyday things that emit radiation

Learn about common products and devices that give off radiation.

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Power lines and electrical products

Power lines, electrical appliances, electric and magnetic fields, extremely low frequency, health effects from power lines


Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi equipment, radiofrequency EMF, health effects of Wi-Fi

5G technology, cell phones, cell phone towers and antennas

Cell phones, cell phone towers, 5G technology, antennas, wireless device, health effects, health concerns

Hand-held lasers and laser pointers

Lasers, laser pointers, laser classifications, laser injuries, importing and selling lasers, lasers and airplanes

Tanning beds and lamps

Tanning bed, base tan, artificial tanning, dangers of tanning beds, skin cancer, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, myths about tanning beds  

Smart meters

Smart meters, wireless device, health effects of smart meters, radiofrequency EMF, smart meter emissions

Compact fluorescent lamps

Compact fluorescent lamps, CFL, energy efficient bulbs, radiation, mercury, clean up a broken bulb safely    

Microwave ovens

Microwaves, microwave safety, radiation, microwave leakage, microwaves and pacemakers, food safety

Airport full-body scanners

Safety of airport scanners, radiation, radiofrequency, airport scanners in Canada

Wind turbines

Wind energy, turbines, turbine noise, living near turbines, safety of turbines, wind turbine noise study and health study


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