Home care human resources

What is home care human resources

Home care human resources refers to the people who provide health and social support services to the public in their private homes, not in health care facilities such as hospitals.

Many services are offered by the different home care programs across Canada. As a result, the home care labour force includes: registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, case managers, dietitians, psychologists, family physicians, home support workers, health care aides and personal care workers.

In general, planning and management of health human resources is a major concern for governments because health care is such a labour-intensive sector in comparison with other sectors of the economy. Home care human resources are of significant concern as the home care sector prepares to meet changing health care needs and health system renewal commitments from the 2003 Health Accords and the 2004 Ten-Year Plan.

Health Canada's role

Health Canada supports and conducts research and policy analysis related to home care labour force issues including:

  • supply and demand;
  • recruitment and retention;
  • education and training; and
  • other demographic and work force trends.

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