Long-term facilities-based care

What is long-term facilities-based care?

In general, long-term care facilities provide living accommodation for people who require on-site delivery of 24 hour, 7 days a week supervised care, including professional health services, personal care and services such as meals, laundry and housekeeping.

Long-term facilities-based care is not publicly insured under the Canada Health Act. It is governed by provincial and territorial legislation. Across the country, jurisdictions offer a different range of services and cost coverage. Consequently, there is little consistency across Canada in:

  • what facilities are called (e.g. nursing home, personal care facility, residential continuing care facility, etc.);
  • the level or type of care offered and how it is measured; and
  • how facilities are governed or who owns them.

Health Canada's role

Health Canada is engaged in research and policy analysis on long-term facilities-based care issues including:

  • population aging;
  • models of facilities-based care;
  • quality of care and quality of life;
  • changing complex care needs of residents;
  • access and affordability; and
  • human resource issues.

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