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Learn more about the hazards of household items including batteries, humidifiers, cookware, laundry detergent packets, blind cords, cleaning products and craft materials.

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Blind cord safety

Learn about how blind cords can be a health risk to your child. Also find safety tips to reduce this risk.

Battery safety

The batteries that power many of your household devices and children's toys contain harmful substances like acids that can cause serious injury if swallowed by a child.

Compact fluorescent lamps

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are like the traditional tube fluorescent light but they fit into a standard light bulb socket. Although they are considered safe to use there are some steps you can take to further protect you and your family.

The safe use of cookware

Pots, pans and other cookware are made from a variety of materials that can enter the food that we cook in them. Most of the time it is harmless, but you should be more careful with some materials.

Cool-mist humidifiers

Many Canadians use cool-mist humidifiers to increase moisture levels inside their homes. When used properly they are safe, but using one without properly cleaning and disinfecting it on a regular basis could lead to breathing problems if you have health issues.

Furniture, appliances and televisions

Learn safety tips to reduce the risk of your furniture, appliances or televisions tipping over and hurting your children.

Laundry detergent packets

Learn how laundry detergent packets can be dangerous to children. Also find information on how to safely store these packets.

Lead-based paint

Learn about the health risks of using lead-based paint and lead poisoning. Also find information on how to check if your home contains lead-based paint.


Small, powerful magnets can be dangerous to children of all ages. Children can swallow these magnets and be seriously injured.

Household chemical safety

Learn about the safe use and storage of household products like cleaning liquids, as well as the meanings of hazard symbols.

Use paint strippers safely

When it comes to removing old paint, paint strippers are fast acting, versatile and easy to use. But paint strippers contain chemicals that can harm your health if not used properly.

Bunk beds

Learn about safe bunk bed use. Also find information on bed safety standards for a bed you already own or are thinking of buying.

Trampolines and inflatable play structures

Learn about the health risks of using trampolines and inflatable play structures. Also find tips on how to safely play with these products.

Backyard safety

Many Canadians spend a lot of their time working and relaxing in their backyards during the warmer months. Find out how to enjoy your backyard safely.

Wi-Fi equipment

Find information about radiation produced by Wi-Fi equipment. Also learn about Canada's exposure guidelines.

Radiation safety of microwave ovens

Locate information on radiation and microwave safety. Also learn how to minimize the risk of radiation exposure.

Portable fireplaces, fire pots, and liquid and gel fuels safety: flame-jetting risk

Learn about portable fireplaces, fire pots, liquid fuel, gel fuel, serious fire risks, flames, flame jetting.

Decorative and other oil lamps

Learn about how to safely use decorative and other oil lamps, and the toxicity and flammability hazards they pose.


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