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Advertising to children

Children are vulnerable to advertising. Food and beverage advertising influences their:

Most of the food and beverage ads that children are exposed to are for products that contain excess sodium, sugars or saturated fat. Research shows that diets containing too much of these nutrients are linked to a higher risk of:

People living with obesity and chronic diseases are also more vulnerable to severe outcomes from infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

How widespread it is

The places where children live, learn and play are critical to their health now and in the future. Children are exposed to thousands of food advertisements every year. Food is advertised in settings such as:

Advertising to children has expanded with television and digital media. Children are more connected than ever, and screen time has increased over time. The fact that many children have their own devices makes it easier to target ads at them.

What we're doing

In order to address food advertising to children, we monitor it and:

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