Pesticides compliance and enforcement: Overview

Health Canada's Pesticide Compliance Program (PCP) is responsible for promoting, monitoring and enforcing compliance with the Pest Control Products Act (act) and its regulations. The legislation aims to protect human health and safety and the environment by regulating the use of "pest control products", also known as pesticides.

PCP operates under the Regulatory Operations and Enforcement Branch, Health Canada's dedicated compliance and enforcement branch. It coordinates and delivers its activities nationally with inspectors across Canada.

PCP strives to prevent unauthorized pesticides from being available on the Canadian market. It also verifies that regulated parties operate according to the act. These include:

PCP also verifies that these parties meet Health Canada's registration conditions and approved label instructions. It delivers on its mandate in accordance with its compliance and enforcement policy for pesticides, and works alongside:

The act regulates pesticides such as:

PCP works closely with Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency. This branch is responsible for evaluating and registering pesticides under the authority of the act. This process assesses the value of the pesticides and if the health and environmental risks are acceptable under the approved conditions of use.

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