Youth Justice Fund - Drug Treatment Component

The Department of Justice Canada administers the Youth Justice Fund, a program designed to increase citizen and community participation in promoting a fair and more effective youth justice system.

The Drug Treatment Component of the Youth Justice Fund has project funding available to support the treatment and rehabilitation of youth in the justice system who are struggling with a substance use disorder. Resources are available to help bridge connections between the justice system and community-based programs and services that help youth make smart choices and resist drug use.

Funded projects will primarily focus on the development and evaluation of innovative programs and services that help youth in conflict with the law address their drug use, develop social skills, and make smart choices as well as to support training activities for those professionals who work with these youth.

Please visit the Youth Justice Fund for more information and on how to apply.

Drug Treatment Court Funding Program

Drug Treatment Courts (DTCs) aim to reduce crime committed as a result of drug dependency through court-monitored treatment and community service support for offenders with drug substance use disorders. They also aim to reduce the burden of problematic substance use on the Canadian economy, which has been estimated at $9 billion annually for areas including law enforcement, prosecution and incarceration.

Funding is provided through the Drug Treatment Court Funding Program, managed by the Programs Branch of the Department of Justice, in partnership with the Drug Strategy and Controlled Substances Programme at the Department of Health.

Learn more about the Drug Treatment Court Funding Program.

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