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Learn about food labels and how they can help you make informed food choices.

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What is a food label?

Food labels are found on packaged food to help you make informed food choices. They provide the following information:

  • the nutrition facts table
  • ingredient list
  • nutrition and health claims

What has to be included on a food label?

By law, most packaged food must be labelled with:

Some packaged food may also have nutrition and health claims. These claims describe the:

  • amount of a nutrient in a food, for example:
    • "low sodium"
  • positive effects of a food on your health, for example:
    • "A healthy diet rich in a variety of vegetables and fruit may help reduce the risk of some types of cancer."

Did you know?

Using the % DV in the nutrition facts table can help you make informed food choices when grocery shopping and preparing food at home.

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