Quebec resettlement – Government Assisted Refugee (Quebec GAR)


This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. It is posted on the department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

A person outside Canada confirmed to be a Convention Refugee may be entitled to receive support after resettlement in Canada. A government-assisted refugee must be approved by Quebec before resettled to its province. The total number of refugees resettled to Quebec cannot surpass the defined annual targets for Quebec.

1. Assessment of potential for Quebec resettlement

Procedures by program – Quebec
These instructions provide information about:

2. Final selection for Quebec resettlement

Confirming selection of refugee by Quebec
After admissibility to Canada is confirmed, the applicant(s) is submitted to the Quebec government for consideration and to request confirmation of Quebec selection (CSQ). The applicant may or may not be selected by Quebec.

Making the final decision on selected program for resettlement (GAR or Quebec GAR)
When the decision is received from Quebec, a final decision can be made to confirm if the applicant(s) can be resettled to Quebec.

3. Arrangements for resettlement and support in Quebec

Preparing refugee for departure to Canada
If selected for Quebec, and after the final decision is made and visa is approved, arrangements are made for departure to Canada.

Provisions for support after arrival in Quebec
After the client is admitted into Canada, the needed support to help with resettlement can be obtained.

Cases for priority or special processing
Considerations for assessing and processing special or priority case groups. Includes cases referred for urgent protection, vulnerable cases, public policies, applicants who are persecuted on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity expression (SOGIE-LGBTQI) and other groups requiring special attention.

Resettlement: Program delivery partners – roles and responsibilities
Key partners within and outside of IRCC and their respective responsibilities regarding resettlement.

For other processing stages, refer to:

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