Update to special measures related to flight PS752

Last updated: May 17, 2021

Ottawa, September 25, 2020—IRCC has put in place special measures to help foreign national families of victims of Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 who are stuck in Canada due to global pandemic border closures.

Who these special measures are for

How to qualify

You can apply to extend or restore your status at no cost if both of the following apply:

You can apply for a new temporary resident visa (TRV) or temporary resident permit (TRP) if both of the following apply:

You must submit an application.

If you qualify, the following application fees will be waived:

How to apply

You have until January 8, 2022, to have your status extended or restored or to be issued a TRV or TRP at no cost.

Extend your stay

If you were legally admitted to Canada between January 10 and June 30, 2020, under the previous measures, you can apply for an extension of your temporary resident status.

You must submit your application before your current status expires. When you apply, your status will be maintained until your application is processed.

Restore your status

If your temporary resident status has expired, you can restore your status if it’s within 90 days of the expiry date.

Apply for an initial or subsequent TRV or TRP

If you were admitted to Canada on a TRP or now require a TRP, you can submit an application to remain in Canada as a TRP holder.

If you’re outside Canada, you can submit an application for a TRV. For the question “Why are you coming to Canada?” select “To handle the affairs of a victim of Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752” to be directed to the IRCC Portal to make your application.

Eligible applicants will require a national interest exemption letter to travel. When they have a travel date, they can write to VAD-operations-VCA@cic.gc.ca to request a letter.

Travellers must complete the mandatory COVID-19 testing and quarantine requirements before travelling to and after arriving in Canada.

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