Application to Resume Canadian Citizenship – Canadian Armed Forces

You can now choose to receive an electronic citizenship certificate (e-certificate) or a paper certificate. In your application form

  • select the certificate type you want
  • make sure you provide an email address if you want an e-certificate
Applications submitted before January 4, 2023

We’re offering the e-certificate option to some applicants who submitted their applications before January 4, 2023.

If we offer you the e-certificate option, you

  • will receive an invitation by email
  • may accept or decline the invitation
    • If you accept the invitation, follow the email’s instructions for your next steps.
    • If you decline the invitation, you’ll get a paper certificate (opens in a new tab)  (if we approve your application).

You’ll only receive an e-certificate if

We cannot guarantee that we’ll approve your application or process it faster.

If your application is successful, the certificate proves that you’re a Canadian citizen.

Learn more about the e-certificate

Important: If your application is incomplete or missing information, it will be returned to you.

This application is for:

  • A person who was previously a Canadian citizen, other than a person whose citizenship was revoked under the former or current Act, and who wishes to resume citizenship as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

If you had Canadian citizenship and it was revoked under the Canadian Citizenship Act or under the current Act you must use the Application for Canadian Citizenship under subsection 5(1) Adults or the Application for Canadian Citizenship – Canadian Armed Forces (CIT 0534).

Note: If you were released other than honourably from the Canadian Armed Forces, you are not eligible to apply under the Canadian Armed Forces application form.


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