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Status of changes to citizenship by descent

The Citizenship Act currently includes a first-generation limit to citizenship by descent. This limit generally means someone isn't automatically a Canadian citizen if

  • they were born outside Canada to a Canadian parent, and
  • their Canadian parent was also born outside Canada to a Canadian parent

In December 2023, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice declared that the first-generation limit for many individuals is unconstitutional.

An extension until August 9, 2024, has been granted by the Court. This means that the current rules still apply until further notice.

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There are a few ways you can become a Canadian citizen without applying to be one. In these cases, you may still want to get proof of citizenship.

There are also times when you might think you became a citizen, but you did not. In those cases, you may be eligible to apply for citizenship.

You’re likely a Canadian citizen if you 

You likely aren’t a Canadian citizen if you

  • were born in Canada to foreign diplomats
  • had your citizenship taken away (revoked)
  • renounced your Canadian citizenship and never applied to get it back

You aren’t automatically a Canadian citizen if you

To find out if you might have a claim to Canadian citizenship, use our Am I a Canadian? tool.

Applying for proof of Canadian citizenship is the formal way to find out if you’re a citizen. We don’t refund fees, even if you apply for proof of citizenship and find out you aren’t a citizen.

You keep your citizenship if you were a Canadian citizen the day before the 2009 and 2015 changes to the law came into effect.

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