How to renew a passport in Canada

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We’re offering assistance to people affected by Hurricane Fiona

If you were directly affected by the hurricane, you may be able to get

  • free replacement of documents that are lost, damaged, destroyed or inaccessible due to the floods
  • urgent processing and a refund for an application you’ve submitted because of the floods

Learn more about the special measures.

If you already have an adult passport, you may be able to renew it. Renewing a passport is simpler than applying for a new one. This is because you don’t need

  • a guarantor
  • proof of Canadian citizenship
  • supporting identification

If your most recent passport is still valid, it

  • must be sent with your application, and
  • will be cancelled and cannot be used for travel

Who can renew their passport

Only adult passports can be renewed. If you’re under 16, you need to apply for a new child’s passport.

If you’re 16 or older, find out if you can renew your passport(opens in a new tab) .

You can now renew your passport even if it’s expired, damaged, lost or stolen.

You can renew your expired, damaged, lost or stolen passport if

  • it was issued within 15 years of the date you apply, and
  • you meet all the other requirements

Get the forms and instructions to apply

We’ll give you the right form and tell you how to apply based on when you need a passport.

(Service standard: end of next business day)

Apply to renew your passport by the end of the next business day

(Service standard: 2 to 9 business days)

Apply to renew your passport in 2 to 9 business days

(Service standard: 10 to 20 business days, plus mail time)

  •  Go to a
    • Service Canada Centre (20 business days)
    • passport office (10 business days)
  •  By appointment or walk-in
  •  You can also apply by mail (20 business days)

    * Service standards don’t include mail time. Mail time is usually 5 business days but can vary across the country.

Apply to renew your passport in 10 to 20 business days

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