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We have new measures to help manage wait times at passport offices in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Montreal and Vancouver. We’ll prioritize those who need a passport within 48 hours. We’ll make arrangements for people with longer term travel plans to be served at other locations.

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Urgent and express services in Canada

If you need a passport in less than 10 business days, we offer urgent and express passport services at certain locations in Canada.

To request these services, you must apply in person.

Service fees and processing times

For urgent or express service, you’ll need to pay an additional service fee along with the regular passport fee. These services include

A passport officer will tell you the date of your pick-up when you apply.

How to apply

Once you’ve gathered what you need for your application, the next step and the cost of service depends on when you need your passport.

If you need your passport within 2 business days

If you need your passport in 2 business days or less

Go to a passport office (Service Canada Centre – Passport Services)(opens in new tab)  for walk-in service. You do not need an appointment.

You’ll have to pay either the urgent pick-up or express pick-up fee.

If you need your passport in less than 10 business days

By appointment

You can now book your appointment online  (opens in a new tab).

Without an appointment (walk-in)

Go to a passport office  (opens in a new tab).

Check walk-in wait times (opens in a new tab)before you go. New

Make sure you go to a passport office, not a Service Canada Centre.

Walk-in service is only available if there’s enough capacity.

For this service, you’ll pay the express pick-up fee.

We aren’t liable for any losses if we can’t deliver the passport in time for your travel. We recommend you do not finalize any travel plans until you get your passport.

Emergency weekend or statutory holiday service (in Canada only)

If you need your passport over the weekend or on a statutory holiday, call 1-800-567-6868.

This service is only

  • for emergencies and
  • if you have to travel over that specific weekend or statutory holiday

If you meet these requirements, you must make sure all of your required documents are ready, including your

Fees for the weekend or statutory holiday service

A passport we issue over the weekend or on statutory holidays will cost CAN$335 in addition to the other regular passport fees.

For example, if you apply for a 10-year passport, the fee will be $160 plus another $335 for the weekend or statutory holiday service.

There may be other fees, such as the fee for replacing a lost or stolen passport, added to this total.

Paying these service fees does not guarantee we’ll issue you a passport. For example, if there are security concerns when processing your application, we may not issue you a passport within your timelines.

Fees for family members using the weekend or statutory holiday service

If you submit applications for other members of your family at the same time, an urgent service fee (CAN$110) will be added to the regular passport fee for each family member’s application.

For example, if you apply for a 10-year passport for yourself and a 5-year passport for your child, the fees will be

Showing proof of travel

You must provide proof of travel for urgent service. You may also need to provide it for express service, depending on your situation.

Proof of travel can be

Depending on the reason for your travel, you may need to show further proof that your situation is urgent.

Urgent services outside Canada

If you’re outside Canada and need emergency passport services, contact the nearest Government of Canada office abroad. They’ll decide if you qualify for urgent services.

If you need urgent help while abroad, request emergency assistance.

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