Crisis in Gaza: Special measures for extended family

Special measures to apply for a temporary resident visa (TRV) are in place for Palestinians who

If you’re eligible, your family members can also apply for a TRV under these measures.

These temporary measures will end when 1,000 complete TRV applications have been received and have been accepted for processing or 1 year after these measures come into effect, whichever comes first.

After entering Canada, in most cases you can stay for up to 3 years as a temporary resident, as long as your passport and biometrics are valid for the entire time. If your passport or biometrics expire in less than 3 years, your status as a temporary resident will expire at the same time. You can apply to extend your status before it expires, but you need to make sure your passport and biometrics are up-to-date before you apply.

You can also apply for a fee-exempt study permit or a fee-exempt open work permit after entering Canada, under the special measures for Israeli nationals, Palestinian passport holders and family members in Canada. These documents allow you to study or work during your stay.

Don’t become a victim of fraud!

For this temporary measure, we collect fees when an application is submitted through the IRCC Portal. Be cautious of suspicious sources offering to sell a unique reference code or making promises to help you leave Gaza. There are no agents or consultants acting on our behalf. Learn more about avoiding fraud.

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