Who can apply

There are 2 groups who may be eligible to apply for a temporary resident visa (TRV) under these special measures.

Group 1 – Extended family of the Canadian citizen or permanent resident

To be eligible under group 1, you must

Group 2 – Family members of the person described in group 1

To be eligible under group 2, you must

Medical exam requirements

You must have an immigration medical exam (IME) done if

The same applies to the family members who are coming with you to Canada.

If you need to get an IME, it can be done outside of Gaza.

Find out more about getting an IME..

Who can be an anchor

The anchor must

The anchor must not

An eligible Canadian citizen or permanent resident can be the anchor for more than one person described in group 1, as long as they agree to support that person and the eligible family members who come with them through these measures.

What an anchor does

To confirm they intend to support you and your family members, the anchor must complete the statutory declaration form (IMM 5992) (PDF, 1.77 MB) stating they intend to:

If you have an existing TRV application in progress  Updated January 13, 2024

If you and your anchor meet the eligibility requirements above, you can ask us to process your existing TRV application under these special measures. Follow the instructions on how to apply for your situation.

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