Immigrate through the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot: Prepare to arrive in Canada

Before you arrive in Canada

Before you arrive, we’ll give you access to the Canadian Orientation Abroad programme. This is a general orientation to life in Canada that will

After you arrive in Canada

Help for new immigrants

There are many services to help you or your family

Find out what services are available in your area. You can also learn more about starting your life in Canada.

Confirm your permanent resident status

You’ll need to confirm your permanent resident (PR) status. In most cases, you can do this through our secure online Permanent Residence Portal.

You don’t have to do anything until we send you an email from an address ending in Do not create your own account.

Once we contact you, follow the instructions to confirm your PR status online.

You must tell us if you leave Canada before we grant you PR status.

Make sure you keep your information up to date

Use the web form if you need to update your contact information or tell us about changes to your family situation (for example, marriage, birth, divorce or death).

Get your permanent resident card

Once you become a permanent resident, we’ll make an electronic confirmation of permanent residence (e-COPR) available to you in the Permanent Residence Portal. This document is proof of your new status in Canada.

In the portal, we’ll also ask you to provide a photo so we can start the process of issuing your first PR card. You don’t need to apply for your first PR card.

While you wait for your PR card, you can use your signed e-COPR to

Find out about assistance loans

Once you arrive in Canada, you may be able to get an assistance loan if you need one. To do so, send a message to and include:

  • Subject line: EMPP request for assistance loan
  • Body of email:
    • your application number (you can find this on correspondence from us)
    • number of people in your application, including yourself
    • your email address
    • your phone number
    • name of your employer in Canada (if this applies)

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