Immigrate through the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot: How to apply

You can apply for the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP)

  • on your own, or
  • with help from a non-government partner

There are partner organizations outside government that can help you

  • connect to employers in Canada
  • prepare for a job offer, then apply for the EMPP

These partners include

1. Get ready to apply

You have to submit proof of your current refugee situation with 1 of these

  • a positive Refugee Status Determination (RSD) from the UN Refugee Agency or a refugee-hosting state
  • proof you’re registered or recorded as a person of concern by the UN Refugee Agency, if you don’t have a positive RSD yet or you can’t get one in the country you’re in
  • a refugee certificate with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)
  • proof of being registered or recorded as a person of concern by the UNRWA, if a refugee certificate has not been obtained yet
  • proof you have temporary protected status and a copy of the completed durable solution information form (IMM 0195)
    • If you apply with a temporary protected status document, an officer will need to assess your case and decide if you don’t have a durable solution.

If you don’t have any of these documents, you can work with a partner who can issue you a “trusted partner referral letter.”

Get a referral letter from a partner

The partners that can issue a “trusted partner referral letter” make sure you

They will then issue you a trusted partner referral letter. You include this letter with your application.

Partners that can provide this letter are

Other partner organizations can help you apply, but they can’t issue a trusted partner referral letter.

2. Complete the application

You can complete your applications yourself (or with a partner). If you decide to use an immigration representative, make sure you know how to choose one.

If you apply based on your work experience, education and language skills (the federal EMPP)

You only need to complete 1 application, whether or not you have a job offer.

Complete your application for the EMPP

If you apply through an economic immigration program (the regional EMPP)

There are 2 applications you must complete using this process:

  1. An application for one of the economic immigration programs
    • Atlantic Immigration Program
    • Provincial Nominee Program
    • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
  2. An application for the regional EMPP
    • If you’re eligible, you’ll
      • apply online using the permanent residence portal
      • complete and submit both online applications together
    • If you can’t apply using the portal, we’ll accept applications by email.
Complete your immigration program application

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