You need a work permit The spouse, common-law partner or a family member of someone working in Canada needs a work permit

If you’re the spouse, the common-law partner or dependent child of someone working temporarily in Canada, you need a work permit to work in Canada.

You may be eligible for an open work permit if you’re

You must also

If the principal foreign worker has an open work permit

If you’re the spouse or common-law partner of an open work permit holder (for example, a post-graduation work permit holder), there are some documents you need to include in your application depending on what type of worker your family member is.

Find out more about the documents you need to provide.

Type of work permit

When you fill out your work permit application, select “Open work permit” as the type of work permit in the “Details of intended work in Canada” section. Leave the employer section of the application blank.

Your work permit won’t be valid beyond the expiry date of

How to apply for a work permit

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