Government of Canada Funding for the City of Greater Sudbury and the Canadian Tree Nursery Association to Help Restore Forests

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June 10, 2024                                                       Greater Sudbury, Ontario                                           Natural Resources Canada

Trees play a vital role in sustaining our environment by purifying the air, capturing and storing carbon, and providing new habitat for wildlife. In the global fight against climate change, we have no better ally than our vast forests.

Today, the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, along with Marc Serré, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources and Member of Parliament for the Nickel Belt, and Viviane Lapointe, Member of Parliament for Sudbury, announced two investments through the 2 Billion Trees program. The first is an amount of $200,000 to the City of Greater Sudbury to plant 200,000 trees by 2027 and the second is an amount of $300,000 to the Canadian Tree Nursery Association (CTNA) to increase skilled labour in the tree nursery sector.

Funding to the City of Greater Sudbury to plant trees will help restore lands that were historically affected by industrial activity and support the recovery of self-sustaining, indigenous terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Proper preparation is key to the success of planting new trees.

These trees will serve as a new, healthy and vibrant green space and provide habitats and food sources for birds and animals. They will also capture carbon, fostering cleaner air and a healthier environment for the communities of Greater Sudbury.

Funding to the CTNA will help support tree nurseries and enhance tree production through the development of formal training programs to enhance a highly skilled workforce in the tree nursery supply chain. This investment will help to meet the increasing demand for workers in the industry. These skilled workers will be able to ensure that growing trees follow best practices for environmental sustainability through a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on field experience. Canada anticipates benefits to the local community, participants and the overall environment.

Planting through the 2 Billion Trees program has been supported by Forests Ontario, which has worked to restore, care for and grow forested landscapes across hundreds of sites in Ontario and Canada this spring.

Planting two billion trees is a marathon, not a sprint — it requires careful planning and cultivation of seedlings in nurseries. This effort involves collaboration with different levels of government, non-government organizations and Indigenous groups. It also requires a thoughtful approach to each stage of the supply chain, from seed to seedling to planting. More trees in the ground means cleaner air, healthier communities and more carbon sequestration across Canada.


“Through this work in partnership with the City of Greater Sudbury and the Canadian Tree Nursery Association, we are making progress in creating cleaner air, enhancing biodiversity and advancing climate action across Canada. Partnerships with municipalities and associations are producing important results for Canadians and ensuring that the right tree is planted in the right place for the right reasons. Through collaborative action and dedication, we can make a meaningful difference and create a healthier environment for generations to come.”

The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson
Minister of Energy and Natural Resources 

"Nickel Belt–Greater Sudbury residents have a deep appreciation for the beautiful nature in our region, which includes many vast forests. We know trees are essential in our fight against climate change and for creating healthier environments across the country. This $200,000 investment will help further enhance Greater Sudbury’s internationally recognized Regreening Program, now 46 years strong.”

Marc G. Serré
MP for Nickel Belt, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Official Languages

“Sudbury has a remarkable history of environmental rehabilitation. For over 45 years, Sudbury’s regreening efforts have improved the environment, air quality and natural habitats. Today’s announcement of 200,000 trees will support the City of Greater Sudbury’s commitment to ensuring a healthy environment for all.”

Viviane Lapointe
Member of Parliament Sudbury

“Greater Sudbury has a long and proud history of environmental stewardship and our regreening efforts have been globally recognized. We are grateful to the federal government for their significant investment in planting 200,000 trees in Greater Sudbury and for supporting our ongoing efforts to nurture a legacy for future generations and ensuring that our natural surroundings continue to thrive.”

Paul Lefebvre
Mayor of Greater Sudbury

“On behalf of the Canadian Tree Nursery Association’s 58 members across Canada who annually provide over 600 million seedlings for forest restoration, we’d like to thank the 2 Billion Trees program for providing the funding to support the development of the next generation of skilled workers. The 2 Billion Trees program is key to ensuring healthy forests for our future and addressing climate change challenges, including increased forest pest infestations and wildfires.”

Rob Keen
Executive Director, Canadian Tree Nursery Association

Quick facts

  • Since its launch in 2021, the 2 Billion Trees (2BT) program, has secured or been negotiating agreements to plant over 553 million trees, representing nearly $1 billion in funding. The Government of Canada previously provided $100,000 in funding to the City of Greater Sudbury’s Regreening Program in 2021 and 2022 to plant 100,000 trees.

  • Through the 2BT program’s Urban Lands stream, the federal government has fully met its target and allocated funding to support over 50 projects in cities and urban landscapes across the country. These projects are expected to plant some 4.7 million trees over 10 years.

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