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For current PBC Board member job opportunities, visit the Opportunities - Selection Process for the Parole Board of Canada.

About the PBC

The PBC is an independent administrative tribunal whose members make conditional release (parole) decisions for offenders serving federal sentences of two or more years, and for offenders serving sentences of less than two years in provinces and territories without their own parole boards (only Ontario, Quebec and Alberta have their own parole boards). PBC members also make decisions on whether or not to order, refuse to order, or revoke record suspensions.

Member Responsibilities

  • Reading and conducting an in-depth analysis of each case, and requesting additional information as necessary, to support quality decision-making in accordance with the principles of natural justice and the law;
  • Assessing the risk and other factors related to often complex cases, and providing sound, well-documented, written reasons for decisions;
  • Conducting hearings with another Board member, and voting independently on the disposition of each case;
  • Ensuring that the decision-making process is carried out in strict conformity with the requirements of governing legislation, regulations, Board decision-making policies, and procedures;
  • Ensuring that hearings are conducted in accordance with the duty to act fairly, and with respect to all procedural safeguards;
  • Traveling regularly between institutions, at times over long distances, to hear cases (NOTE: Board members may be required to travel several days a month);
  • Working in other regional offices, as required, for specified periods to enable the PBC to meet its operational requirements;
  • Completing ongoing professional development and training.
  • Part-time Board members are expected to be available on a regular basis (on average, approximately 5-10 days per month). For this reason it is expected that they not leave the country for prolonged periods.
  • Board members must successfully complete a formal background check.

Salary Range

  • $141,700.00 - $166,600.00/year (full-time positions)
  • $710.00 - $835.00 per diem (part-time positions)
For more information about being a GIC appointed member at the PBC, please consult the following pages:

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