Applying for a Record Suspension

Application Fee Reduction - Record Suspension (Pardon)

Important! As of January 1, 2022, the fee to apply for a record suspension is $50.00. Find out more.

Important notice:  If you have applied or are planning to apply for a record suspension, please take note of the recent changes to eligibility and wait times. Read more.

Special instructions - Simple possession of cannabis and other offences

If you were convicted of simple possession of cannabis and a least one other offence, read these instructions.

You can apply directly for a record suspension (or pardon*) to the Parole Board of Canada. You do not need to use a lawyer or third party service provider (see Protect Yourself from Fraud).

All you need to do is follow the step-by-step instructions and pay the application processing fee of $50.00. Please note you are also responsible for any additional fees required as part of your application, such as fingerprints, copies of your criminal record, court documents and police checks.

 * Your application will be processed using the Criminal Records Act eligibility criteria in place at the time of the first offence.



You must answer all questions truthfully and completely.

Hiding information or making false statements could cause your application to be returned to you or your record suspension to be revoked or ceased at a later date.

You do not need a record suspension to obtain a passport. A record suspension does not guarantee you entry or visa privileges to another country. Before you go, contact the authorities of any country you wish to visit to find out what you need to do to enter that country.

The Parole Board of Canada does not give preferential treatment to any application. All applications are treated the same.

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