Welcome to the Canadian High Arctic Research Station

A state of the art research facility located in the vibrant Canadian Arctic community of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.

The Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS) operated by Polar Knowledge Canada, has been designed and built to optimize innovation in Arctic science and technology, to welcome visitors, and to provide researchers with the accommodation and technical services they need. It’s an innovative facility that can support a wide range of research needs – from ecosystem monitoring, to DNA analysis – and where Indigenous Knowledge is recognized as fundamentally important to the co-creation of new knowledge.


Janice Lang, DRDC/DND

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Main Research Building

Learn about spaces and laboratories inside the CHARS Main Research Building.


Equipment and research support at CHARS.

Design and Construction

Details about the construction of CHARS.


Field and Maintenance Building

Supporting facility.


Lodging for visiting researchers

Tour of CHARS

See inside the Main Research Building!

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